Welcome from the ambassador

A greeting from the Norwegian Ambassador to Nepal, H. E. Mr. Kjell Tormod Pettersen.

Namaste, and welcome to the Norwegian Embassy!

I am pleased to welcome you to our website in Nepal. Norway and Nepal established diplomatic relations in 1973, although the ties between our two countries had started already in the early 1950s.  The embassy opened in 2001 as our relations expanded, in particular through development cooperation. A new embassy building and residence have been built in Patan.

Year 2015 was a difficult year for Nepal with the disastrous earthquakes in April/May and the stoppage of essential supplies over the border with India. It also showed the strength of the Nepali people with their resilient attitude and ability to move on and adjust to the situation. The promulgation of the new Constitution on 20 September last year was a major achievement in its democratic developments after the Comprehensive Peace Agreement in 2006, though it caused disappointment and unrest among groups within the Madese people. The next step in Nepal’s inclusive democratic development should be local elections.

As a partner trusted by political stakeholders, we will continue our efforts to support the transformation of Nepal into an inclusive society based on democratic principles, and a prioritized country for Norway’s long-term development aid. Our objectives are to assist Nepal in reaching sustainable peace, reducing poverty, and promoting respect for human rights, social equity and economic growth.

The close ties between Norway and Nepal include involvement by non-governmental organizations, universities and private enterprises. Six out of the seven accredited Norwegian universities have close cooperation with their Nepali counterparts.  This cooperation in the educational field will continue to be a cornerstone of our relations, also as a priority in the reconstruction work after the earthquake. Another focus is cooperation with the energy sector, with the emphasis on renewable sources such as hydropower, solar, wind and biomass. 

Many Norwegian NGOs have entered into long-term partnerships with Nepali civil society and NGOs, and these NGOs are providing valuable support in this critical time for Nepal.  Approximately 3000 Norwegians visit Nepal every year, attracted by its unique mountains and culture. We hope this will continue:  tourism is vital to the overall economy of Nepal. 

It is my hope that relations between Nepal and Norway will continue to expand in the years to come, into areas such as trade and investments. Any developing country need a strong and vibrant private sector to meet the social and economic aspirations of its people. I take great pleasure in being part of this development and find it personally very rewarding to explore this beautiful country and to meet the Nepali people.

I hope you find the website useful, and you are welcome to contact us on emb.kathmandu@mfa.no.



Kjell Tormod Pettersen