Values and priorities

Norway - Nepal: Development

Our development focus areas in Nepal are education, energy and good governance.


Education is a prioritized sector for Norway’s development cooperation with Nepal as a means to promote social equity and poverty reduction in Nepal.

Inclusive Governance

Promoting democracy and inclusive governance is one of the main areas of development cooperation in the Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between Nepal and Norway. The governance cooperation concentrates on building democratic institutions, local governance, strengthening rule of law, effective public financial management and anti-corruption.

Climate and Renewable Energy

Norwegian assistance in energy development is aimed at contributing to economic and social development in Nepal.

Current projects

The Norwegian Embassy aims to promote transparency and include anti-corruption measures in all our development work. As part of this effort, we publish the contracts and agreements of the projects we support.

Development policy and humanitarian efforts

Worldwide, one billion people are living in extreme poverty. We have a global responsibility to help people in need and contribute to long-term development and a more equitable world.

Peace, stability and security

The security challenges facing the world are becoming increasingly complex. Political solutions are needed to end wars and armed conflicts. Terrorism and organised crime have to be fought across national borders.

Climate change and the environment

Climate change and environmental damage are two of the most dramatic challenges facing the world today. Many countries are already feeling the effects of climate change. In our part of the world, the changes in the Arctic region are particularly dramatic and worrying.

Energy and marine resources

The growing world population will need more and more food and energy. Sustainable use of marine resources will help to meet this demand.

The High North

The Arctic is changing. Climate change and melting sea ice are creating challenges but also opportunities in the north. International cooperation is more important than ever.

Norway today

Situated in the northernmost corner of Europe, Norway is a constitutional monarchy with a high level of gender equality, welfare and economic stability.

Arts and culture

Norway has a vibrant arts and culture sector that has deep historical roots. Today, as in the past, many Norwegian artists and other cultural professionals find inspiration beyond Norway’s national borders.