Sherpa's of Nepal receive Norwegian award

Nepal’s Sherpa People have received a Norwegian award for their work, humility and knowledge of Mountains.

- The Sherpa people have humility to the mountains, the nature and the people who travel, making them a worthy recipient of "Mountain Goat of the Year/ Årets fjellgeit 2017.", the judges wrote in their decision.

- Through many years of climbing in Nepal, and in recent years through facilitation in our own mountains, we have become familiar with the Sherpa people. They have contributed greatly to better the access in the Norwegian mountains.

In the Western part of Norway for example, Sherpas have eased access and improved trails to mountain such as Romsdalseggen.

Although the title of the award may not sound particularily honourable, the term "Mountain Goat" is commonly used as a compliment in Norwegian culture. It refers to both the stamina and knowledge needed to traverse the most challenging mountains.

Previous recipents of the award are among others, the current Norwegian foreign minister, Børge Brende.

Read more about the award here (in Norwegian).