NORAD’s new evaluation programme - Myanmar

Photo: Ken Opprann

For 2017-2018, Norwegian Agency for Development Cooperation (NORAD) will engage in a new evaluation programme for Norwegian aid efforts.

The intent of NORAD’s evaluation programme is to document the degree to which Norwegian development assistance is effective, relevant, and achieves the required results. The evaluation programme is created based on a series of suggestions and ideas received by the Norwegian foreign affairs, NORAD and others involved in Norwegian aid efforts. The themes are chosen by an assessment of what is most relevant for the Norwegian development policy and what evaluation knowledge is needed.

One of the evaluation programmes is to evaluate the coherence in the Norwegian involvement in Myanmar. The evaluation will look at the Norwegian involvement in Myanmar over the past ten years, and consider the coherence between the Norwegian aid efforts and other Norwegian involvement (such as private sector collaboration) in the country.

Also, as a part of the new evaluation programme, the evaluation team will issue a synthesis study of aid evaluations in Myanmar. All the twelve Norwegian focus countries will receive these evaluations. These country evaluation briefs are summaries of existing evaluation findings from these countries. The purpose is to make relevant, systematic collected and collated knowledge about the focus countries to be easily accessible for people that work with these countries and other interested readers.

You can read more about the evaluation programme 2017/2018 here.