40 years celebration in Maputo

Ambassador Anne Lene Dale and Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Leticia Klemens

Another event, to mark 40 years of cooperation between Norway and Mozambique, took place on the 17th of May in Maputo.

The event was at Polana hotel and it was a celebration with snow, northern lights and opera singing.

The venue was packed, the Ambassador was praised for her speech in Portuguese and Mozambique’s Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources talked on behalf of Mozambique.

The local orchestra, Xiquitsi, played and sang the national hymns, with perfect Norwegian pronunciation, with the help of a Norwegian opera singer, Mikkel Fjeld Skorpen. In addition, Mikkel and the Mozambican vocalist, Xixel Langa, danced the traditional dance marrabenta in front of everyone.

There was also a photo exhibition showing different activities and special occasions over the past 40 years.

All in all, a very successful celebration!