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Norway's statement - WTO General Council - Agenda item 7. The importance of market-oriented conditions to the world trading system

General Council 13. October 2020 World Trade Organization, Geneva


Statement by Norway. 

Thank you, Chair.

We have listened carefully to the statements made.

Norway has no major objections to the principles listed in the paper presented. They describe conditions for a well-functioning market economy, which Norway subscribes to.  

The principles underpinning this organization are embedded in the agreements we have entered into. Norway subscribes to them too.

Let me be clear that Norway shares the concerns regarding market distortions created by non-market-oriented policies. We know that the magnitude and direction of government interventions and other behind-the-border measures can have a significant impact on international trade.

Likewise, we are concerned by unilateral actions and protectionist measures, as well as bilateral agreements where the terms of trade seem to be managed by governments rather than by the invisible hand of the market.

It is important to remind ourselves of the values and principles that should guide our endeavours. We should do our utmost to abide by those principles. Act as we preach.

Furthermore, whenever inadequacies in the rulebook are identified, we should do what it takes to rectify those shortcomings. Norway agrees that such shortcomings do exist, and that we should address those issues head on within the framework of this house. Norway stands ready to do its part.

Thank you.