Inequality 1per cent

HLPF: Inequality and the 1%: Is a transformative fiscal policy possible?

Wednesday 10 July from 8:00 -12:00 AM, at the UN Church Center, 777 United Nations Plaza

Inequalities are one of today’s greatest challenges, obstructing poverty reduction and sustainable development. Elite capture of economic and political power catalyses inequalities, and reinforces them -- undermining social, environmental and economic sustainability, and fuelling poverty, insecurity, crime and xenophobia.

The 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development seeks to overcome inequalities, “leaving no one behind”. How can the transformative change envisioned in the 2030 Agenda take place?

Join us for the whole morning, or as your schedule permits.


Welcome remarks

  • Luise Rürup, Director, FES New York
  • Paul Ladd, Director, UNRISD

Opening remarks

  • Ambassador Luis Bermúdez, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Uruguay
  • Mr. Inge Herman Rydland, Special Envoy for the 2030 Agenda, Norway Ministry of Foreign Affairs

8.00-9.45: Panel Discussion: Setting the Stage for Global-Level Action

  • Katja Hujo, Senior Research Coordinator, UNRISD
  • Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva, Executive Director, Oxfam Mexico
  • Shahra Razavi, Chief of Research and Data, UN Women
  • Dora Benedek, Deputy Division Chief, Fiscal Policy Department, IMF
  • Fernando Filgueira, Senior Researcher, CIPPEC (Argentina) and CIESU (Uruguay)
  • Paul Ladd Moderator, Director, UNRISD

Coffee break

10.00-11.45: Roundtable: Coordinating Global and National Action

  • Jo Marie Griesgraber, Director, New Rules for Global Finance
  • Matthew Martin, Director, Development Finance International
  • Paola Simonetti, Deputy Director, International Trade Union Confederation
  • Kate Donald, Director, Human Rights in Economic and Social Policy, Center for Economic and Social Rights
  • Sara Burke Moderator, Senior Policy Analyst, FES New York

UN Church Center
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