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CSW: Nordic expert panel at the UN: closing the pension gap

Wednesday 13 March at 10 AM – 11.15 AM in Conference Room 12, UNHQ.

The panel will discuss possible solutions to a global question of justice: the often life-long income gap between men and women. We ask the question of how can the countries of the world build social security systems that create gender equality?

The fact that women all over the world bear the main family responsibility for children and old people has a negative impact on their life incomes. They are less likely to be active in the labour market and more likely to be in part-time jobs, which means that they receive poorer pensions.

This life-long uneven distribution of responsibility and incomes is a question of social justice still to be solved by governments, employers and trade unions. 

The Nordic expert panel consists of: 

  • Ms. Nanna Højlund, Vice-Chair of the Danish Confederation of Trade Unions and Chairwoman of The Women's Council in Denmark (Gender gaps in the Danish labour market: How do we address them and where are the challenges?) 
  • Mr. Kolbeinn Stefánsson, Senior Statistician, Statistics Iceland (Equal Rights to Earn and Care and funding of the parental leave system). 
  • Mr. Thore Hansen, Directorate of Labour and Welfare in Norway (Gender Issues and Redistributive Mechanisms in the Norwegian Pension System to reduce the gender pension gap). 
  • Ms. Hanna Onwen-Huma, Senior Specialist, Gender Equality Unit, the Finnish Ministry of Social Affairs and Health (gender mainstreaming as a tool to ensure compatibility of social security policies with gender equality goals) 
  • Ms. Heini Möller, Head of Unit of Ethics and Compliance at the Swedish Social Insurance Agency's Legal Department (the impact of the integration of gender issues in the entire Swedish Social Insurance’s activities – real before and after example/s)
  • Chair: Ms. Ruti Levtov, Promundo Research Director

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Conference Room 12, UNHQ.
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