Education Under Fire: Students speak out, governments act

In nearly every conflict, schools, students, and teachers are under attack. Armed forces and groups bomb and burn schools, and kidnap, injure, or kill schoolchildren and students. In at least 26 countries, schools have been used for military purposes, depriving children of their right to education, and placing them at risk of attack.

This event will feature young people who have survived some of the most serious school attacks in history, and experts to address how governments can support the Safe Schools Declaration and protect education during times of armed conflict.


  • Ambassador Tore Hattrem, Permanent Representative of Norway
  • Ambassador Martin Garcia Mortina, Permanent Representative of Argentina
  • Joy Bishara and Lydia: Pogo, Joy and Lydia were among the 276 female students kidnapped by Boko Harem from a government secondary school in Chibok, Nigeria. They were able to quickly escape, but to this day, over 100 students remain missing. Joy and Lydia currently study at Southeastern University in Florida.
  • Ann Makome, UN Department of Peacekeeping Operation.
  • Sharon Riggle, Offive of the Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Children and Armed Conflict.
  • Zama Neff, co-chair, Global Coalition to Protect Education from Attack.

Institute of International Education
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