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Norwegian experiences from the Columbian peace process

The Norwegian Centre for Conflict Resolution (NOREF) has published reports about Norwegian experiences with the peace negotiations between Columbian authorities and the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). The negotiations led to a peace agreement in November 2016. The NOREF reports are written by Norwegian diplomats who took part in facilitating the negotiations and offer valuable insights with transfer-value to other peace- and reconciliation processes.

The most recent report published by NOREF is about the peace negotiation process itself, its design and structure, and can be read in full here (Nylander, Sandberg and Tvedt, 2018). The report highlights the importance of good preparations and a well-designed process for successful negotiations, and elaborates on how a negotiation processes may be planned to achieve peace.

A former report published by NOREF elaborates on the role of women in the Columbian peace process (Nylander and Salvesen, 2017). The report abstract states: “The peace agreement signed in September 2016 was by far the most inclusive peace agreement in history”. Read the full report here.