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Norway reaches an all-time high with its donations to WFP in 2017

The World Food Programme received its highest amount of donations in 2017, with an astounding US$ 6.8 billion. The Norwegian contribution ended up at just shy of one hundred million USD, with US$ 99.9 million as its final contribution.

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Despite the fact that WFP has received more donations than ever, the need for funding keeps increasing. The number of undernourished people in the world has grown from 2015 to 2016, from 777 million to 815 million according to the SOFI report for 2016. Prolonged conflicts, droughts and other natural disasters make levels of food insecurity high; thus, the need for humanitarian assistance is also high.

The four financial tools used by the WFP are Global Commodity Management Facility (GCMF), Cash-Based Transfers (CBT), Immediate Response Account (IRA), and Internal Project Lending and Macro-Advance Financing (IPL).

Norway is number four when it comes to multilateral or flexible funding, which helps the WFP respond quickly and efficiently to emergencies. In 2017, Norway donated US$ 33.3 million (NOK 277 million) as multilateral financing. In 2018, the amount of flexible funding Norway donates to WFP is increasing to NOK 290 million. The money has already been transferred to the WFP.