The Permanent Delegation visits OSCE Executive Structures in the Western Balkans

William Sæter and Magnar Aaberg visiting Kosovo Academy of Public Safety in Prishtina - Photo:Mentor Habibaj, KAPS
Parts of the Permanent Norwegian Delegation of Norway to the OSCE being showed around at the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (Photo: Mentor Habibaj, KAPS)

In June of this year, The Permanent Norwegian Delegation to the OSCE paid a visit to OSCE executive structures in the Western Balkans, meeting with representatives from the missions to Kosovo and Skopje.

Field operations are an important part of the OSCE’s work. As the Western Balkans is a geographical priority for Norway, the visit was arranged as an effort to increase knowledge about how the field operations facilitate implementation of OSCE commitments. There were lessons to be learned about where and how Norwegian support can benefit the people of the entire OSCE area.

The topics of discussion ranged from issues related to security sector governance and reform, radicalisation and violent extremism, media freedom, gender equality, and rule of law. The Delegation also got the chance to visit ongoing projects in the field that the OSCE is helping to facilitate.

Among other things, the Delegation visited the Kosovo Academy for Public Safety (KAPS) and the Kosovo Police. At a multi-ethnic school in Kosovo, the Delegation caught a glimpse of how the Mission supports activities aimed at preventing tensions and promoting cooperation between inter-ethnic groups. During the visit to Skopje, the Delegation visited the Police Training Center in Idrizovo, observing a training session facilitated by the Mission on combatting corruption.

The visit was helpful for understanding how the participating states of the OSCE can use the field operations to safeguard lasting security on the ground for the inhabitants of the region.