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Minister Counselor Henning Johansen speaking on the occasion of the Sami People's Day

Norway observes Sami People’s Day in the OSCE Permanent Council

On Thursday 8 February, Norway read a statement during the OSCE Permanent Council, where all the Organizations’ 57 member states are present, on the occasion of Sami People’s Day, which was celebrated two days earlier.

Norway’s representative, Minister Counselor Henning Johansen delivered a statement about the measures Norway has taken to ensure the continued development of Sami language, culture and society, stating that “The Sami People’s Day is a celebration, but also an occasion to remind ourselves of the injustices of the past. We must ensure that they are never repeated”. The statement ended by highlighting the recent decision to create a truth and reconciliation committee to examine the consequences of the former Norwegian assimilation policy.

 Norway encouraged other countries to let Sami People’s Day be an inspiration to continue working against discrimination, and concluded by saying, “Let this occasion encourage us to use our organization to promote tolerance and non-discrimination, and fight prejudices wherever we may find them”.  

Read the whole statement here