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Norway to Chair the Security Committee

Ambassador Kongstad will chair the Security Committee in 2017, at the request of the Austrian OSCE-Chairmanship. In the first meeting of the Committee under his chairmanship, Kongstad underlined that Norway will focus especially on radicalisation and violent extremism, gender, as well as security sector governance and reform.

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The Security Committee is established as a subordinated body to the OSCE Permanent Council, and serves as a platform for dialogue and consensus building on issues related to the non-military aspects of the OSCE’s politico-military dimension of security.

Apart from the main emphasis on violent extremism and radicalisation, gender, and security sector governance and reform (SSG/R), other prominent topics on the Committee’s agenda include cyber security, border management and security, community policing, and the links between organised crime and financing for terrorism.

In his opening statement to the committee on 23 January, Kongstad said he aimed to make the meetings practically oriented, focused on the work of the OSCE on the ground, as well as on exchanges of best practices between participating States, in order to enhance implementation of existing OSCE commitments.