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Sustainable Migration in Europe

With migration policy in flux, and public trust in government migration policies being challenged around the world, the aim of this conference is to present and debate sustainable migration in Europe, which can help guide and inform governments and elected politicians. The conference will showcase the results of a highly productive collaboration between the European Migration Network National Contact Point for Norway and Professors Paul Collier and Alexander Betts from the University of Oxford.

We are very pleased to confirm the following speakers for the day:

  • Professors Paul Collier and Alexander Betts from the University of Oxford will present their 2018 paper: Sustainable Migration in Europe.
  • Head of Return Sector, Irregular Migration, DG Migration and Home Affairs and EMN Chair Magnus Ovilius will present a paper on the challenges and relevance for the EU.
  • Professors from the University of Oslo and Oslo Institute for Social Research, Grete Brochmann and Anne Skevik Grødem, respectively will talk about Absorption Capacity as Means for Assessing Sustainable Immigration.
  • Dr. Asle Toje (PhD), Roving Political Scientist and Member of the Norwegian Nobel Committee will talk about The Significance of Culture in Assesing Sustainable Immigration.



13 December 2018, Norway House