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Decent work

Seminar on a joint european effort for a fair labour mobility

Politicians, academia and practitioners will discuss how to achieve a more fairer labour mobility in a seminar in Norway House in Brussels 8th November. Speakers and commentators from Norway, Austria, Belgium, Romania, Sweden, Lithuania and Netherland will be present.

A more fair labour mobility is one of the most important issues on the agenda both in the EU and in Norway. The Commission proposal for a European Labour Authority is currently negotiated within the Council and the European Parliament. Norway has proposed a stronger cooperation at the European level to combat cross-border work-related crime activities (breaches on laws relating to pay and working conditions, social security and taxation). 

Will a European Labour Authority, if established, be a more powerful tool to create fair labour mobility? What are the lessons learned from cooperation projects between inspection authorities and social partners in countries sending and receiving mobile workers? How can coordination of efforts between the various public authorities at national and European level be improved? Cooperation between employer organisations, trade unions and public authorities facilitates fair working conditions. Norway contributes to strengthened social dialogue in 13 European countries through the Decent Work Programme.

8 November 2018, Norway House