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State Secretary presented Norwegian CCS policy in the European Parliament

State Secretary Ingvil Smines Tybring‐Gjedde presented Norwegian CCS policy at a seminar in the European Parliament on March 23.

- Norway has been working on CCS technology for years, and we are now working to establish a new full-scale project in Norway. It is important to share the knowledge coming out of this work, in order to reduce costs and risk for following projects. To succeed with CCS in Europe, we need even closer cooperation to learn from each other's experiences, says Tybring-Gjedde.

Many actors participated at the CCS seminar in the European Parliament, which was hosted by the Zero Emission Platform (ZEP). At the seminar, ZEP presented a new report showing that CCS can contribute considerably in reducing the costs for Europe's transition to a low carbon economy. The report also shows that CCS technology is absolutely crucial to reach the EU goal of 80-95 percent emission reductions by 2050.

Industrial actors were among the participants at the European Parliament's seminar. One of them was Heidelberg Cement, one of the participants in the Norwegian full-scale project.

Last summer, the Norwegian Government presented a feasibility study report on full-scale carbon capture, transport and storage in Norway (see map below).