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Prime Minister Erna Solberg and EU-president Donald Tusk.

Prime Minister Solberg met with EU leaders in Brussels

The EEA cooperation, brexit, trade and security were among topics discussed between PM Solberg and EU presidents Jean-Claude Juncker and Donald Tusk on 5 June.

“We cooperate with the EU because it is in our interest. We recognize that we will stand and fall with our continent. Our aim is to contribute to secure a free, economically strong and responsible Europe”, said prime minister Erna Solberg as she handed the Norwegian government’s new strategy for the cooperation with the EU over to president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Watch the press conference here:

The meeting with president Juncker of the European Commission included topics like brexit, security and defence, climate change and migration. Challenges for global trade was also an important topic.

President Juncker ensured that any safeguard measures on steel trade taken by the EU in response to US tariffs, would not have an impact on Norway.

“I’m very grateful for the clear message from president Juncker. This is in line with the way the European Economic Area is working; there should not be any such type of tariffs between us”, said PM Solberg. 

Prime Minister Solberg and EU-president Jean-Claude Juncker.

Norway’s position on brexit

Norway is closely following the negotiations between the EU and the UK on brexit and the future cooperation. The PM Solberg reiterated Norway’s position on brexit.

“Brexit does not change our relations with the EU. And we agree that the single marked must continue to work in whole, based on the four freedoms, also after Britain has left the EU. Norway will seek the possibility to mirror any agreements that Britain and the EU should enter into. This would be the most efficient way for us to continue to work closely together”, said Solberg.

In PM Solberg’s meeting with president Donald Tusk of the European Council, they also touched upon the EEA, brexit, defence and external relations, including transatlantic relations.

“Our relations build on mutual trust and shared values. This meeting has reinforced my impression that we are close partners. The EU is an example of committed cooperation between countries that we should value more. In a time of great uncertainty, our dialogue with the EU is more important than ever”, said PM Solberg.

Watch the press statement here:

Read president Tusks remarks here:

Live Politico interview

The prime minister had a busy day in Brussels, that also included an interview with Politico Europe and participation at the official opening of the European Development Days.

Watch Politico Europe’s live interview with PM Solberg:

PM Solberg’s speech on gender equality at the European Development Days: