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Norwegian participants in Horizon 2020 have received € 349 million

Since 2014, more than 250 Norwegian companies and organizations have received funding from the EU research and innovation program Horizon 2020. For the 9th Framework Programme for Research and Innovation, starting in 2021, Norway proposes that the general objective of the programme should be to contribute to a “green shift” and renewal in our economies and societies.

Norway has been associated with the EU framework for research and innovation for more than 25 years. Participation in the framework programmes and in the European Research Area is a core element in Norwegian research policy. Running from 2014 until 2020 with a budget of nearly €80 billion, Horizon 2020 is the largest multinational research programme in the world. Norway participates in the seven-year programme on the same basis as the EU member states.

– For a small country like Norway it is very important to participate in networks and arenas in the major “knowledge hubs” around the world. Partly because we can bring new knowledge and technology back home, which we can use in our knowledge production, but also because we can participate in research consortia, says Are Straume, Research Counsellor at the Norwegian Mission to the EU.

Great interest in Norway

The purpose of Horizon 2020 is to promote growth and welfare in Europe through closer links between research and innovation, and better cooperation between the private and public sectors.

Norwegian companies and organizations has shown great interest for the calls for proposals from Horizon 2020. 4.134 Norwegian applications has been submitted to the program, and so far 616 projects have received grants. This corresponds to a success rate of 14.9 percent, more than two percentage points higher than the total average for the European participating countries (12,2 percent).  The Norwegian success rate has never been higher in Horizon 2020, and the Norwegian participants have received a total of 392 million Euros in research funding for their projects.

Norwegian positions on the next framework

Norway takes a strong interest in contributing to the process leading up to the next Framework Programme, referred to as FP9. In March, the government sent the first Preliminary Positions on how Norway wants European research and innovation cooperation to look from 2021.

Norway propose that the next Framwork Programme should contribute to a “green shift” and renewal in our economies and societies, with an emphasis on digitalization, green innovation and blue growth. The programme should also have a strong global outreach, and contribute actively to the COP21-targets and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Read Norway’s Preliminiary Positions on the next Framework Programme for Research and Innovation (FP9) here.