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How EU Law becomes EEA Law

A new web tool has been developed by the EFTA Secretariat to explain the way EU Law is incorporated into the EEA Agreement. An animated video is part of the project.

| 11. Feb 2019

On 31 January 2019, the EFTA Secretariat launched an interactive web tool on how EU law becomes EEA law. The web tool provides a visual presentation of the legislative processes related to incorporation into the EEA Agreement. As part of this project, the EFTA Secretariat has also created a short animated video about the EEA process. 

The web tool takes you from the initiative of the European Commission to develop new legislation, to the incorporation of the legislation into the EEA Agreement. The related national procedures in each of the EEA EFTA States are also explained. The tool is available in English, German, Icelandic and Norwegian. For detailed and complete information on the procedures you can select “the procedure in detail”, accessible from the web tool.

The aim of the web tool is to provide knowledge about how the EEA Agreement works in an accessible way. Our hope is that it will be widely used and shared as an educational tool for anyone interested in knowing more about the EEA process. You are very welcome to use it in your information activities.

Find out more about the new web tool here