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Magnus Plays the World Players

Fifteen lucky players will play Chess World Champion Magnus Carlsen May 10th, UNHQ, Conference Room 8, 13:15-14:30 PM. These are the players:

Name: Jiří Ellinger (male)

Age: 43

Nationality: Czech

Title: Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of the Czech Republic to the United Nations

Chess Experience: I have played chess without any success since I was 6


Name: Hayfa Matar (female)

Age: 40

Nationality: Bahrain

Title: Deputy Permanent Representative, Permanent Mission of Bahrain to the United Nations

Chess Experience: I have played since I was 12


Name: Eli Mandarano  (male)

Age: 8, turn 9 May 30th

Nationality: American

Title: Friend of Liechtenstein Ambassador Wanaweser. 

Chess Experience: Started playing chess at age 5


Name: Mahmoud Saikal (male)

Age: 58

Nationality: Afghan

Title:  Ambassador, Permanent Mission of I.R. of Afghanistan to the United Nations

Chess Experience: 15 years


Name: Daniel Rawdah (male)

Age: 12

Nationality: American

Title: Mom works at UNDESA, Department of Economic and Social Affairs

Chess Experience: Have played chess for 5 years


Name: Rohayu Md Saad (female)

Age: 39

Nationality: Malaysian

Title: Personal Assistant, Permanent Mission of Malaysia to the UN

Chess Experience: Played since 10 years old


Name: Abdulrahman Zaza (male)

Age: 38

Nationality: Lebanese

Title: Editorial  Assistant, Arabic Translation Service, UN DGACM

Chess Experience: I learned chess in a bomb shelter in West Beirut at the age of 9


Name: Kevin Chand (male)

Age: 31

Nationality: Fijian

Title: Legal Advisor, Maldives UN Mission

Chess Experience: Have played since I was 15


Name: April Vivar Almaria (female)

Age: 35


Title: Programme Assistant, Office of the Secretary-General’s Envoy on Youth

Chess Experience: Learned the game when I was 9 years old


Name: Vladimir Skorikov (male)

Age: 45

Nationality: Russian

Title: Russian Federation Mission

Chess Experience: I have played chess for 35 years, as an amateur


Name: Bonian Golmohammadi (male)

Age: 55

Nationality: Swedish

Title: Secretary General, UN WFUNA

Chess Experience: I can beat my mother, and look forward to humiliating myself


Name: Angela Ponce (female)

Age: 45

Nationality: Philippines

Title: Legal Advisor, Philippines UN delegation

Chess Experience: Less than a year


Name: Jed David Sloan (male)

Age: 9

Nationality: American

Title: Primoris Academy Oscar, Math Enthusiast,
Alpine Race Skier, Tennis & Soccer Player, and United States Official
Representative to the Pan American Youth Chess Championship, Summer 2018

Chess Experience: 4 years


Name: Marianne Borgen (female)

Age: 66

Nationality: Norwegian

Title: Mayor of Oslo

Chess Experience: I have played since I was 11 years old, when I had a teacher who said that chess was not only for boys


Name: Oliver Roeder (male)

Age: 32

Nationality: American

Title: Senior Writer for FiveThirtyEight

Chess Experience: I've played chess (poorly but enjoyable) since I was 7 or so 


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