On arrival

When you cross the border into the Schengen area, you will have to present:

You may be asked to provide fingerprints by the border control officer, in which case these will be compared with the fingerprints provided when you applied for your visa.
As long as your visa is valid, you can travel around freely in the Schengen area, or in the specific Schengen countries covered by the visa. If you leave the Schengen area, for example to visit the UK or Svalbard, you will need a multiple entry visa.

Your short-stay visa allows you to travel to Norway and to other Schengen States, but the final control of the entry conditions is done when you cross the Schengen border.

A visa does not automatically entitle you to cross the Schengen border. It is therefore recommended that you carry with you copies of the documents which you presented when you applied for the visa.