State secretary Bokhari on visit to South-East Asia

Photo: Royal Norwegian Embassy

State secretary Laila Bokhari visited Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia from 16th to 19th of January 2017. The fight against terror and extremism, regional questions, as well as issues related to women’s role in conflict were central topics for the official visit to Malaysia.

During her stay in Malaysia 17th of January, Bokhari and the delegation met with Malaysian Special Branch, the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, IMAN Research Consulting, Malaysian Peackeeping Centre, and UNDP. The discussions revolved around the topics of extremism, deradicalization, ISIL threat, UN peacekeeping operations, and Sisters in Islam. In addition, Bokhari had a lunch with Malaysia’s former prime minister Tun Abdullah Badawi, to mark the signing of memorandums between Seatech of Norway, the University of Technology Petronas (UTP) and Malay Consultative Group (MPM).