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OB Wiik and Salcon

Norwegian companies continue to recognise the strategic importance of Kuala Lumpur as a regional hotspot for business in the Asia-Pacific region.

Recently, the Embassy hosted Norwegian-based company OB Wiik (OBW) and Kuala Lumpur-based agent Salcon Petroleum Services (SPS). The parties signed a Cooperation Agreement with the intention to enhance the sales by OB Wiik Products in Asia-Pacific. This agreement marks the company’s intention to enhance the sales in the region whilst drawing on the resources and expertise located in Kuala Lumpur

As OBW’s Representative, SPS shall assist OBW in achieving sales of the Products by acting as an intermediary between potential new customers in Asia-Pacific and OBW. Additionally, Helge Vatnedalen, the Export Director from OBW visited Malaysia 17 -21 July to train SPS staff and to participate in various sales meetings with potential new clients.


O.B. Wiik halls/warehouses and mobile storage tents

 O.B. Wiik is a Norwegian company (founded in 1912) with more than 100 years of experience from working with customers who demand high standards of safety and security. O.B. Wiik AS is a leading supplier of fabric covered buildings, sports halls and steel buildings, as well as tarpaulins and event-related products such as tents, tables and chairs. The company has 100 employees and an annual turnover of NOK 500 million.