17. mai - Photo:Eli Gotteberg Welde
Eli Gotteberg Welde

17th of May celebrations

On the 17th of May the Norwegian community in Kuala Lumpur held their traditional Constitution Day celebration at the Norwegian ambassador's residence. Have a look at the pictures here:

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Have a look at the pictures here!

Keeping with merry traditions, the Embassy celebrated Norway’s Constitution Day (“17th of May”) with the local Norwegian community in Kuala Lumpur. A family-friendly day organized by community representatives, the celebrations were held at the Norwegian Residence on a sunny Saturday afternoon.

Whether in Norway or abroad, Constitution Day is an important family day with fun traditions to be followed and games to be played. A Malaysian brass band joined us to play Constitution Day songs, even accompanying us as we embarked on a parade in the true spirit of 17th of May. As for food, “Norwegian sausages” were served together with halal options, alongside a delightful abundance of Norwegian cakes and waffles – sure to evoke fond memories of home.

Constitution Day is a day especially important to the children, and this is no less true when it is celebrated in Kuala Lumpur. The front yard was full of games being played by children of all ages, and two clowns were hard at work entertaining children and crafting elaborate balloon animals.

A large book giveaway was arranged by the Embassy, with a large variety of some of the most classic and loved Norwegian children’s books, as well as textbooks and workbooks for Norwegian language learning.

The Embassy thanks the “17th of May Committee” for organizing the event, and all the guests who joined us for the celebrations!