Lithuania Contract with KONGSBERG for NASAMS Air Defence System

KONGSBERG has signed a contract with the Ministry of National Defence of the Republic of Lithuania to supply a NASAMS air defence system

The contract includes new equipment, training and integrated logistics support package, as well as refurbishment and integration of government supplied components for a complete NASAMS system.

In conjunction to this procurement, Norway has offered assistance within the technical, commercial and operational field of the procurement. This cooperation has been developed from the already established Memorandum of Understanding between Norway and Lithuania on cooperation within the defence equipment field.

Lithuania formally approached Norway and the Norwegian Ministry of Defence in June 2015 and requested procurement of Norwegian surplus equipment for the NASAMS system. In October 2016 Norway and Lithuania signed an agreement for a closer cooperation in conjunction with Lithuania’s intention to procure equipment for the Norwegian advanced surface to air missile system (NASAMS). The agreement sat out the general principles for the support and the assistance that Norway would provide Lithuania, within Lithuania`s procurement of new equipment for the NASAMS system from Kongsberg Defence and Aerospace. Signing this agreement, Lithuania also procured surplus launchers and surplus midrange missiles for the NASAMS system from Norway.