Thelma will be Norway’s candidate for the Foreign Oscar nomination

Before its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s new feature Thelma has entered the Oscar run.

Norwegian director Joachim Trier’s Thelma, which opened last   month’s Norwegian International Film Festival in Haugesund to receive the   Norwegian Film Critics Prize, was September 5th named Norway’s official   submission for the Oscar nomination as Best Foreign-Language Feature.
The Norwegian Oscar committee chose Trier’s fourth feature – which is on the   way to the international fim festivals in Toronto (7-17 September) and New   York (28-October-15 September) - from a shortlist of candidates, which also   included Norwegian directors Izer Aliu’s Hunting Flies (Fluefangeren) and   Jorunn Myklebust Syversen’s The Tree Feller (Hoggeren).
The film is directed by Joachim Trier from a script by Eskil Vogt and Joachim   Trier. Producer is Thomas Robsahm for Motlys AS. Amercian distributor is The   Orchard, which plans a November 10th release in the US.  
Inexplicable powers 
Starring Eili Harboe, Thelma portrays Thelma, a young student in Oslo. When   she is drawn to another woman,  she is overwhelmed by emotions she does   not dare acknowledge - and frightening and inexplicable powers are forcing   themselves into the open.
The supernatural thriller is also Trier’s fourth feature co-scripted with  Eskil Vogt, produced by Thomas Robsahm for Oslo’s Motlys. SF Norge will   release the film domestically on 15 September, while Paris-based Memento   Films International handles international sales.
All-embraced, ambitious and personal drama 
“Thelma confirms that Trier is a unique and style-safe film artist of a broad   and international format,” explained the Norwegian Oscar committee – “based   on his special and character-exploring universe, the film has become an   all-embraced, ambitious and personal drama about a young woman's awakening   and detachment.
“It is a film that fascinates, touches and revolts, and starting with the   thriller Trier creates a much larger Nordic, in particular Norwegian story in   a universal framework that anyone can recognise.
Unique film vision 
“Pronounced use of dramaturgical instruments, film-historical references and   architecture makes Thelma stand out as an impressive innovation in Norwegian   cinema. Not least, the lead actress Eili Harboe promises to make a unique   film vision,” the committee concluded its recommendation.
“Thelma is a film that touches the viewer on several levels, both emotionally   and intellectually - it is visually striking, modern in its expression, at   the same time with clear references to film classics. With this film Trier,   Vogt and their regular group of assistants have delivered a story that will   reach a wide audience, and which we strongly believe in as our Oscar   candidate,” added chairman of the Oscar committee, managing director Sindre   Guldvog, of the Norwegian Film Institute.
Nominations announced in january 
The five Oscar nominations for Best Foreign-Language Feature will be announced   on 23 January, 2018, while the Academy Awards ceremony will take place on 4   March, 2018. Previous Norwegian nominees for the prize include Norwegian   directors Joachim Rønning-Espen Sandberg’s Kon-Tiki (2012), Petter Næss’   Elling (2001), Berit Nesheim’s The Other Side of Sunday (Søndagsengler/1996),   Nils Gaup’s Pathfinder (Veiviseren/Ofelas/1987) and Arne Skouen’s Nine Lives   (Ni liv/1957).