Continued support to Oil for Development

The Oil for Development Programme in Lebanon will continue for another three-year period. This means continued support at technical, government and civil society level towards sustainable and transparent petroleum management.

The Steering Committee of the Oil for Development (OfD) Programme in Oslo decided on Thursday to continue collaboration with Lebanon for the years 2018-2020. The OfD Programme offers unique technical assistance and capacity building to government and civil society in selected partner countries.

In collaboration with those partner countries, the OfD Programme targets poverty reduction through responsible management of petroleum resources. The main approach is institutional collaboration.

Norwegian governmental institutions currently involved in the OfD Programme in Lebanon are:

  • Norwegian Petroleum Directorate
  • Norwegian Environment Agency
  • Petroleum Safety Authority Norway
  • Norwegian Oil Taxation Office
  • Norwegian Coastal Administration
  • Statistics Norway

The Norwegian Ministry of Petroleum and Energy, the Ministry of Climate and Environment and the Ministry of Finance, oversee the Programme.

Oil for Development in Lebanon

The OfD Programme has been operating in Lebanon since 2006. Initially the focus was on developing a legal framework for petroleum activities and the establishment of The Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA) as an independent regulator. Since 2015 further technical assistance and capacity building in LPA and other relevant authorities and stakeholders has continued.

Read more about our key achievements here .

For the next three years, the program will assist in the institutional and regulatory transition from planning to operations.   

Timeline for the OfD partnership

2006 : Meeting between PM Stoltenberg and PM Siniora where an OfD program in Lebanon is discussed. A short term, limited cooperation is initiated producing a Petroleum Policy. In addition, training is provided.


2007: Letter from PM Siniora to PM Stoltenberg, expressing interest in establishing an OfD cooperation between the two states. A three-year program is agreed. A Petroleum Policy for Lebanon is put in place.


2008 Letter from PM Siniora to PM Stoltenberg, requesting an extension of the Programme.


2009 Letter from PM Siniora to PM Stoltenberg, requesting support for a Strategic Environmental Assessement (SEA). Work on the Petroleum Offshore Law is initiated.


2010 PM Hariri meets PM Stoltenberg in Copenhagen, requesting an extension of OfD period. Minister Bassil (Ministry of Water and Energy) confirms the request in a letter. The Petroleum Law passed in Parliament. November: OfD delegation to Beirut, meeting PM Hariri, Minister Bassil, Minister Al-Shami, Mr. Kabbani and Parliament Energy Committee, discussing program extensions and content.


2010 - 2012

Primarily work on regulatory framework, capacity building, and preparation for licensing rounds. Programme cycle ending in 2012.


2012 – 2014

Joint planning and preparations for a comprehensive OfD programme, based on formal agreements. In Lebanon, the implementing institutions were set to be The Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA), the Ministry of Energy and Water, the Ministry of Environment, the Ministry of Finance.

2015 – 2017

A three year programme based on formal agreements between NORAD and the LPA, and between the respective Norwegian and Lebanese institutions. Work within the three program components:

1. Legal and Regulatory Framework

2. Developing institutional capacity

3. Transparency and Accountability



22. June 2017: Following formal requests for extension of the programme from PM Hariri and Minister of Energy and Water Cesar Abou Khalil, the Steering committee decided to extend for another three years, starting 2018.