Norwegian National Day celebrations

17 May was Norway's constitution day. This year, Norwegians and friends of Norway gathered in South Lebanon to celebrate.

On 17 May, the Norwegian National Day, Norwegians celebrated Norway’s Constitution, which was signed in 1814. Norwegians celebrate freedom, peace and democracy, values we fight for every single day.

In Lebanon this year, the celebration started in Ebel el Saki in South Lebanon with church service and a parade organised by local authorities. In the afternoon, the Norwegian Embassy in Beirut welcomed Norwegians, friends of Norway and Lebanon to the National Day celebration at nearby Dana Hotel.

The Norwegian ambassador in Beirut H.E Lene Lind stressed the importance of this day for Norway and Norwegians as a day for celebrations of independence, modern democracy and human rights for all. The day was celebrated with Norwegians living in Lebanon, Norwegian veterans who served in UNIFIL (1978-1998), representatives of UNIFIL, UNTSO, Lebanese Army, representatives from municipalities and religious leaders.