Photo: Norwegian People's Aid
Photo: Norwegian People's Aid

Norway pledges to continue leadership role in the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention

Nearly 20 years after Norway played a central role in making the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention, Norway is now seeking the Presidency of the Convention for 2019. Today, as many as 164 countries have formally agreed to be bound by the Convention.

For decades, Norway has been heavily engaged in the international movement to ban landmines. In 2017, the Norwegian contribution to clearance of mines was NOK 300 million (40 million USD). Together with the U.S., Japan, EU, and the Netherlands, Norway is one of the top five biggest donor countries to this movement.

“From Norway’s perspective, the Convention is the centrepiece of our collective efforts to address the unacceptable humanitarian consequences of anti-personnel landmines. We seek to lead the work of this engaged community of States Parties over the course of 2019 leading to the Fourth Review Conference,” said the President-nominee, Norwegian Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, H.E. Hans Brattskar.

Currently, Norway is supporting mine clearance projects in 20 affected countries. This includes Lebanon.