The Norwegian Embassy in Beirut launches call for project proposals 2018

Call for proposals 2018

The Norwegian Embassy in Beirut will be accepting project proposals for 2018 before 27 February.

Please submit short concept notes (2 pages), including a general budget, for projects qualifying as

  • Humanitarian assistance and needs of vulnerable groups
  • Stability and resilience assistance  
  • Protection and promotion of human rights 
  • Promotion of cultural rights and arts

Proposals that address cross-cutting issues such as the implementation of sustainable development goals (Agenda2030), fundamental human rights, women’s rights/gender parity, anti-corruption/good governance or has environmental protection components, are encouraged.

The concept note should contain a brief description of the objectives, output and activities, as well as a preliminary budget.

Proposals will be assessed in light of the overall Norwegian humanitarian and development assistance to Lebanon and the region.

Please send your concept note to .You may use the same address for any question regarding your application.


What type of interventions do we consider useful?

  • Humanitarian assistance and needs of vulnerable groups

Direct assistance or service delivery to vulnerable groups, especially Syrian and Palestinian refugees and vulnerable host-communities, as well as at risk groups, especially children. Projects adressing gender-based violence and victims assistance are encouraged. Larger scale, targeted projects are preferred to smaller interventions.

  • Stability and resilience assistance  

Direct assistance that fosters community resilience, inclusive community- driven processes adressing community needs and peaceful co-existence are encouraged. Interventions to reduce pollution, unsustainable use of resources and mitigate impacts of climate change are also encouraged.

  • Protection and promotion of human rights

Direct assistance with a view to promote fundamental human rights and address violations of such rights. Conferences or workshops will not be supported.

  • Promotion of culture and arts

Direct assistance in support of cultural infrastructure, artistic freedom of expression and cultural rights. We are looking for innovative, targeted, change-oriented and catalytic projects with a sound local basis.


We will, as a general rule, not be considering funding requests from organizations that are already receiving funding to be used in Lebanon from either the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, NORAD or other Norwegian public entities. Concept notes or proposals from local organisations will be given priority in this call. Proposals to organize conferences or meetings without a comprehensive approach or concrete output are not likely to receive financing. Norwegian support to the education sector is channelled through other appeals and initiatives, and will not be given priority in this call.

The process after submitting your concept note

Should your concept note be selected for further study and consideration, you will be asked to submit a more detailed application by 3 April.

The following attachments should be included in the application (not the concept note):

  • Budget – Required as Annex 1. The Embassy does not define minimum or maximum funding levels. Budgets need to be realistic and in line with the capacity of the applicant organization. Preferably, present the budget as an Excel document and point out clearly the contribution from other sources, if any, and amounts requested from the Embassy, per each budget line. Present clearly the units, costs per unit and total costs per each budget line. The budget should be in USD and NOK mentioning the exchange rate used.
  • Proof of registration from the responsible authorities
  • Statutes of the organization
  • Partner assessment form
  • Reference list of projects implemented in the past two years, budget and donors.

Please note that only concept notes and project proposals submitted during the indicated timeframe and with all required documents attached, will be considered.


Selection of concept notes will be made by 12 March. If you do not hear from us by this time, your concept note has not been selected for futher study. Final decisions on project support, based on full applications, will be made early May.