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Maritime services

Please note, that our embassy no longer verifies the seafarers’ employment agreements, qualifications and health certificates when seafarers are being employed on board Norwegian vessels. It will be the ship owners’ responsibility alone, by preliminary supervision, to verify that the employee’s documents are in order before the commencement of service on board.

Embassy will control the seafarers’ documents in connection with the issuance of certificates (CRA), certification and inspections on board.

For Norwegian endorsement, please provide the following documents:


- Application form

- Application form (Tankers)

- Declaration Norwegian Legislation - English language

- 1 passport photo for each application: for officers and general operators (Deck, Engine, GMDSS), who are applying for Norwegian endorsement

- Employment Agreement - signed and stamped by employer, signed by employee.

- All relevant seaman’s diplomas, certificates and passports in original. (NB! National  Endorsement and Norwegian Endorsement - even if expired)

- Health Certificate by an approved seamen's doctor.

- Fee for maritime services: 60 EUR (from 01.01.2020)

Instructions for application for Endorsement in accordance with regulation I/10 of the STCW Convention

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