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Airport traveller drawing - Photo:Ingrid Asp / ASD
Ingrid Asp / ASD

Travel to Norway - Corona situation

From 15 July, the Norwegian Government has lifted restrictions on entry into Norway for people resident in countries in the Schengen area/EEA that have an acceptable level of infection. From the same date, quarantine is no longer required on entry from these countries and regions.

The list of the countries for which quarantine requirements do not apply is available on the web page of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health (NIPH). The list will be updated every 14 days.

Foreign nationals, who reside in the Schengen area/EEA countries that are exempt from quarantine, may travel to Norway through areas with increased infection without having to go into quarantine in Norway if they fulfil the following conditions:

  • travel in their own vehicle or a tour bus
  • do not stay overnight in the area
  • keep a distance to others if you must stop
  • take the shortest route

Read information on quarantine requirements at

There are still requirements for documentation to be provided on the border. Please read information on entry rules on the web page of the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration (UDI).