Creative ideas to create jobs for Europe’s young!

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Photo: Maciek Nabradalik

As part of the new period of EEA/Norway Grants a Regional Fund for Youth Employment was established. Over 300 applications for support were received from organizations across Europe and the selection process has now been finalized.

The Embassy would like to congratulate the six organizations from Latvia that have received funding, either as lead partner or as cooperating partner. The Latvian ICT Association (LIKTA) will be the leading partner in one of the projects aiming to enhance young woman’s digital skills. Many of the projects focus on inclusive social entrepreneurship, training and help young people to create their own workplace.

The following organizations in Latvia will participate in various projects: Latvian Information and Communication  Technology Association (LIKTA)Palidzesim, Association PINS, Baltic Arab Chamber of Commerce, Foundation for Society, Rezekne Academy of Technologies.

The donors (Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) have selected 27 projects for funding for a total of  53 million euros. Most projects will likely start from early autumn 2018. Many of the projects focus on inclusive social entrepreneurship, training and help to create their own workplace. Among the methods are competence raising and vocational training.

Latvia will be the leading partner in the project YOUNG-ICT_WOMEN. The project adresses the structural transformation of the digital labour market in which there are fewer women employed than men. The main objective of the project is to develop the digital competences of young women who are at risk of exclusion from the labour market, thus improving their employability. Areas of focus are such as research and identification of unfilled categories of digital jobs, awareness raising for young women to improve their digital competences and select ICT careers, design training roadmaps, placement of young women in digital jobs etc. The project will be implemented in 7 countries.

The project “Hidden likes” Youth House, where also Latvia will participate, want to ensure integration of young people with mental problems in the labor market by exploring and introducing an innovative methodology for employment. The other projects will strengthen the digital skills of young people under the age of 30 who are not studying or working, with a special focus on young people from disadvantaged groups.

You can read more about the EEA and Norway Grants project for youth employment here: