Travel and border information for Norway

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Calling for proposals

The aim of the grant scheme is to promote Norwegian culture internationally as well as to provide knowledge about Norway, Norwegian views and Norwegian politics.

Who can apply?

- Latvian, Norwegian and foreign art and cultural institutions
- Latvian, Norwegian and foreign professional cultural experts and media players
- Latvian, Norwegian and foreign trade and festival organizers within the arts and culture
- Latvian, Norwegian and foreign experts and media people working on key policy areas for the government.

Criteria for the applicant:

- The applicant must be a legal entity. Documentation must be provided.
- The applicant must have relevant qualifications and skills. Results of the previous contribution in the scheme's scope are relevant.
- The applicant must show good insight into the field of expertise and has set clear and feasible goals for the activity.
- Applicant must have established good contact with local and international partners. Information about partners must be provided.

Grant can be given to such type activities:
- projects that profile Norwegian art and culture abroad
- projects that intensify cooperation between Norwegian and international cultural actors
- projects that promote Norwegian art and culture internationally
- travel grants for press and expert travel
- cultural initiatives for the Northern areas

All activities must meet the following criteria:

- The activity must fall within the objectives of the scheme and must aim to meet a specific need.
- The activity must have clearly defined, realistic and measurable goals and, if possible, provide a baseline / present situation and indicators that enable it to measure and report on the results achieved.
- The activity must be cost-effective. This must be documented in a detailed budget. The grant recipient shall not earn any profit from the grant.
- The administrative costs associated with the activity shall be limited shall not be covered.


The grant is formalised by a written grant agreement. The agreement provides for reporting requirements. Grant recipient shall always document and report on the outputs of the activity and the effect the activity has had on the target group (outcomes).