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Visit to North-Kosovo

March 7th the Ambassador Per Strand Sjaastad and the First Secretary Stein-Ivar Lothe Eide visited North-Kosovo.

| North Kosovo

The journey began in North-Mitrovica where officials from EULEX shared their insights of the area and the latest developments.

The visit then continued to Leposavic where they met with the Mayor Mr. Dragan Jablanovic and then back to North-Mitrovica where they met with Chief Executive Officer, Adriana Hodzic. Both Jablanovic and Hodzic shared their concerns about their municipalities and the challenges they face.

The trip concluded with a tour of Mitrovica lead by lieutenant colonel Blaise Pelletier from KFOR, as well as an introduction to the city’s history.

The Ambassador underlined during the trip that “continued dialogue and cooperation between Kosovo and Serbia facilitates closer integration between the different communities”.