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CoE Conference

February 15th Ambassador Per Strand Sjaastad held an introductory speech regarding the implementation of European Human Rights Standards and the Reform of the Ombudsperson Institution.

At the presentation of the report assessing the impact of the "human rights laws package" on the mandate, structure and functioning of the Ombudsperson Insititution, Ambassador Per Strand Sjaastad gave a statement where he underlined that “Norway for many years has been a strong supporter of the establishment of rule of law, European standards and the strong independent institutions for oversight and surveillance in the Western Balkan region, including Kosovo. Any country that wants progress and to move forward must take rule of law and anti-corruption work very seriously. This is necessary to achieve a true democracy, sound economic development, modernization and a fair society.”

The ambassador also stressed that “the presence of robust laws, rules and regulations against irregularities, misuse of power and corruption is a good start. Many of these rules are in place in Kosovo. But strong legislation is not enough. Good and lasting results depend on strong implementation, oversight and enforcement. There must be a strong culture of compliance in the public sector, respecting the recommendations of the oversight institutions, such as the Ombudsman´s Office.

Reaching European standards is good for society, good for business and good for the ordinary citizen.