Bølge - Photo:Peter Prokosch Grid Arendal
Peter Prokosch Grid Arendal

The future is in the blue economy

The Albanian coast stretches 273 kilometers. A long coastline is a feature that Albania and Norway have in common and that brings great opportunity for cooperation and knowledge exchange within the maritime sector.

| Tirana

As one of the leading maritime nations in the world, Norway has built up a wide range of knowledge regarding sustainable use of the maritime sector. Our expertise combines protection and the use of natural resources, which deems vital if the ocean resources is to last for new generations.

The oceans will be essential in solving future global challenges, as there are great opportunities in the world’s oceans which can bring economic developments and jobs. Albania has a large potential when it comes to development of its maritime sector, and strategic investments can bring businesses and economic development to the region. Norway’s leading expertise in sustainable development in the maritime sector can be of substantial value in its utilization of the coast and oceans resources.

As a way to contribute, Norway will be hosting a Global Ocean Conference in Oslo during the autumn of 2019. The main topic of discussion will be good environmental standards, sustainable use of resources and economic development.