UNDP and the Ombudperson Institution's launching of the Human Rights Platform

In tribute of human rights day this week, UNDP in cooperation with the Ombudsperson Institution launched and presented the Human Rights Platform. Ambassador Grøndahl was one of the key note speakers during the event.


The Human Rights Platform aims to promote the compliance of human rights with relevant laws and international human rights instruments applicable in Kosovo. Equally important the Platform demonstrates the links between the Sustainable Development Goals and fundamental human rights.

Ambassador Mr. Grøndahl marked the importance of the Platform as a “stepping stone towards a bigger goal, to ensure that the central focus of all our actions is the advancement of human dignity, equality and rights”

While Ms. Gazideda from UNDP called upon all the present “to commit to ensure that not only today but every day is a Human Rights Day, where all people can enjoy their rights and have access to justice”.

This activity is part of UNDP”s “Enhanced Access to Justice and Rule of Law” project, funded by the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Below is the speech given by Ambassador Grøndahl: 

"Dears guests, ladies and gentlemen,

It is a pleasure and honor to be here today. On this day we celebrate the internatioanl human rights, in tribute of the day when the UN General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in 1948. Since adoption, laws and policies embracing human rights have made us freer.

The promotion of human rights and democratic principles is a fundamental component of Norwegian foreign policy. This policy is implemented both in international forums such as the UN, the OSCE and the Council of Europe, and at country level su as here in Kosovo.

In adopting the UN Sustainable Development Goals in 2015, the global community has committed itself to eliminating harmful practices by 2030. This strategy also sets out how the Norwegian Government will target its international activities to drive this effort forward.

Norway has a strong partnership and cooperation with UNDP and the public institutions to help Kosovo fulfil the goals of Agenda 2030 and the pledge that no one will be left behind.

With UNDP we are supporting Kosovo’s efforts to strengthen the functioning of the rule of law, access to justice, human rights, and the security sector. We think these are essential democratic principles in any society. A top priority is to promote transparency, efficiency and an accountable legal system.

I would like to praise the work of the Ombudsperson Institution in advancing its mandate for the promotion, protection and upholding fundamental rights and freedoms for all and in strengthening its capacity to review cases. As noted by the EC Report, the Ombudsperson Institution remains the most trusted institution in Kosovo.

It is not a coincidence that we, the Norwegian Embassy, UNDP Kosovo, and the Ombudsperson institution chose this special day to launch the Human Rights Platform.

This Platform (the first one in the region) links human rights articles of Kosovo Constitution with relevant international instruments in human rights as well as with selected land mark cases from the European Court on Human Rights (ECHR). It further connects the recommendations from the Ombudsperson institution, and the 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

The end goal of the database is to support legal professionals, the interested general public, the CSOs, the policy makers, and the students, in better localizing relevant law, instruments and case law to protect and enhance human rights of Kosovo citizens.

For the central institutions, the platform will increase the efficiency and coherence in implementation, monitoring, and reporting of national and international obligations. While for rights-holders, the human rights database offers an effective way to monitor and hold the central institutions accountable for human rights violations.

That is why I am pleased to be here today with you not just to mark the Human Rights  anniversary, but also to launch this important tool which can be a stepping stone towards a bigger goal, to ensure that the central focus of all our future actions is the advancement of human dignity, equality and rights".