Development Cooperation

Norway has provided extensive development assistance to Kosovo since the late 1990s, and today you find Norwegian footprints all over Kosovo.

Whereas much of the early assistance was of a humanitarian nature,  related to the build-up after the Kosovo war in 1998-99, Norway has since supported activities within education, rule of law, good governance, environmental protection, safety and security, peace and reconciliation, human rights, culture and the arts. Norwegian assistance has had a particular emphasis on improving the situation for minorities, women and youth.

Current priorities

The overarching objective of Norwegian support to the Western Balkans today is to promote the development of lasting stability and democracy. To this end, Norway supports a series of initiatives in Kosovo and the wider region, to foster:

  • Security and stability
  • Socio-economic development through enhanced economic growth and competitiveness, increased capacity in the field of environment/climate/energy, and increased social and economic inclusion of marginalised groups;
  • Good governance through support for development of the rule of law, defence sector reform, civil society and the media, minorities, and the fight against organised crime and corruption.