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Renewable Energy

In the second half of June, Team Norway, with the Royal Norwegian Embassy, Innovation Norway and Norfund, organized a seminar for around 35 Norwegian and Kenyan stakeholders in the Kenyan renewable energy sector.

Helen Osiolo from the Kenyan Institute for public Policy Research and Analysis (KIPPRA) gave an overview over the sector developments and the further plans for expanding the Kenyan generation capacity to 33 GW over the next 13 years. Eng. Kiva from the Ministry of Energy and Petroleum gave the audience further details on the need for private investments in the sector. Deenah Kawira and Chad Larson from M-Kopa gave an interesting overview on how they gradually assist people in rural communities to acquire better services through M-Kopa’s innovative scheme, which enables residents to gradually obtain more products and services as the client-company relationship develops. Lastly, Inge Stølen from Norfund gave an overview of Norfund’s priorities in the region, and how Norfund sees the renewable energy sector in the future.

The presentations were followed by a good Q and A session, where the speakers were able to respond to the questions the delegates had, following the presentations. This was further followed up in an informal reception at the embassy premises in the nice winter weather. Several delegates expressed their satisfaction with a pointed and well informed seminar and the good blend of different actors.