HoMs Statement on Corruption

30 May 2018

Corruption has long undermined Kenya’s prosperity, security, and democracy.  It is, quite simply, theft from the Kenyan people.  As friends, we welcome the recent action by the Director of Public Prosecutions, working with the Directorate of Criminal Investigations, to charge officials and others in connection with reports of widespread corruption at the National Youth Service.  We also welcome President Kenyatta’s statements and actions to address the corruption scourge.  We urge that Kenya’s judiciary take swift action, consistent with the rule of law, to ensure fair trials and justice. 

No country is free of corruption, and many of ours have faced challenges.  There are no shortcuts to tackling the problem.  It requires strong Kenyan political leadership, a commitment to zero tolerance for corruption, and all government and law enforcement agencies working together.  When there is evidence of corruption, those responsible should be prosecuted regardless of political party, social stature, or personal connections.  Individuals or organizations found guilty of stealing should be held accountable, to include forfeiting the proceeds of their crimes.  And Kenyans need strong, reliable institutions and systems that reduce the opportunities for corruption. 

As partners, we stand with Kenyans in the fight against corruption.  Many of us are providing wide-ranging assistance and support in this effort and we will continue to do so.  We know Kenyans can end corruption.  The challenge is for all Kenyans to join hands, take decisive action, and make the changes that are needed.  


Robert F. Godec
Ambassador of the United States

Nic Hailey
High Commissioner for the United Kingdom

Stefano Dejak
Ambassador, European Union Delegation to Kenya

Anna Jardfeldt
Ambassador of Sweden

Frans Makken
Ambassador of the Netherlands

Jutta Frasch
Ambassador of Germany

Mauro Massoni
Ambassador of Italy

Pavel Rezac
Ambassador of Czech Republic

Frantisek Dlhopolcek
Ambassador of Slovak Republic

Mette Knudsen
Ambassador of Denmark

Ralf Heckner
Ambassador of Switzerland

Tarja Fernández
Ambassador of Finland

Alison Chartres
High Commissioner for Australia

Sara Hradecky
High Commissioner for Canada

Jacek Bazanski
Ambassador of Poland

Julia Pataki
Ambassador of Romania

Lisa Doherty
Chargé d’Affaires of Ireland

Vebjørn Heines
Chargé d’Affaires of Norway