Norwegian Films at the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival

Norwegian films “The Art of not Appearing” and “Dilapidated” at the Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Sunday June 18th and Tuesday June 20th.

The International Student Film Festival was founded in 1986 by the students of Tel Aviv University’s Department of Film and Television in order to promote academic artistry here and across the globe. Today, the festival is considered the greatest of its kind and it is one of the top three in its field. The festival is a non-profit organization and is produced and managed by volunteer students filled with passion for the art of film. The festival is characterized by young, fresh energy that distinguishes it from all other cultural events that take place here and around the world.


Norway| ‎‏‏25 min| Fiction| Norwegian‏   
Kristin, who works on her family’s fox farm, will do anything to save what’s left of her family after her father’s unexpected death. But can she save her broken family, when she herself is on the verge of a breakdown? For more information see here.
The Art of Not Appearing
United States| ‏14 min| Fiction| Norwegian
After years of solitude and obsession, two ghosts cross paths and are forced to question their reasons for haunting. For more information see here.