Movie Photo - Photo:"Gunda"


Screening of the film Gunda at the Docaviv International Film Festival from July 1 to 10. Special Q&A session after the movie with the director on July 10.

The film Gunda is produced by the Norwegian company Sant & Usant. It has no dialogue and no subtitles and the world is seen through the eyes of the animals.  Gunda the sow gives birth to a large litter, and the camera follows the piglets continuously, at eye level. The piglets explore the world, first staying near mama Gunda, then slowly daring to stray farther and meeting other farm animals. After watching this film, it is impossible to look at animals with anything other than love and tenderness.

Screening at Tel Aviv Cinemateque:

  • Wed 07.07 | 14:45
  • Sat 10.07 | 12:15 Director will do a post-screening Q&A projected on the theater screen
  • Watch Online | The film will be available until July 10th

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