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A Post COVID-19 Collaboration in Health: Norway and Israel (December 2020)

The health industry is thriving in all parts of the world, where cross-country collaborations have never been more important than in a post-pandemic setting. We have invited Israel and UK based companies to pitch their cutting edge solutions within the health field. We will introduce them and viewers to the Norwegian way of work and give insight into our health institutions from different perspectives.



Opening, Trine Radmann, Norway health Tech (moderator)

09.00  Alon Roth, Ambassador of Israel in Norway  

09.05 Richard Wood, British ambassador to Norway

09.10 Norway Health TechLena Nymo Helli, CEO, Norway Health Tech 

09.15 3 minutes pitches from  

Supporting British and Norwegian companies to grow in the health sector by Marthe Selås Olsen, Market Adviser, Department for International Trade (DIT) 

The premier gateway to doing business with Israeli companies, Israel Export Institute 

09.21 The Norwegian Health systemQ&A

09.35 Nordic proof. A network of renowned health institutions and testing hubs which offers one initial entry point for contact in the Nordics. Siri Stabel Olsen, Nordic ProofQ&A 

09:45 Public procurement in hospitals. Odd Arild Lehne, Advisor Innovation Projects/Norway Health Tech/New Oslo University Hospital.  Q&A

Part one 

Rehabilitation: The hospitals and municipalities need good tools for distance training and monitoring for patients who are not in the hospitals or care facilities. This is even more evident now due to Covid-19 than before. Also, tracking of progress and challenges during training is tricky when you are not in the same room. For all digital solutions it is important with opensource technology and documented security level. For all solutions CE-approval (or pending). 

10:05  Six companies pitching (3 from UK and 3 from Israel) 

Gather Care

Datos Health  Making Health at Home Possible (datos-health.com)
Tyto Care  On Demand Medical Exams. Anytime. Anywhere.
Vitalerter  Care Platform

10:35 Q&A with the companies

10.50 Public procurement in municipalities. Digital solutions for elderly/chronical patients. Remote welfare technologyTerje Wistner, Deputy Director General and Head of eHealth, The Norwegian Association of Local and Regional AuthoritiesQ&A

Part two 

Solutions for patients with chronic diseases, dementia and others: All municipalities have the pressure of helping citizens live longer at home, and have to provide for distant monitoring, assistive technology and other tools that can give benefits on quality of life, optimal use of resources and public money. Tracking and tracing sources of infection, training personnel in new routines as well as communication with personnel in quarantine are also well-known challenges. 

11:05 Six companies pitching (3 from UK and 3 from Israel) 

Nourish Care Systems

Bo&Bo  – MEDinISRAEL 2019 (medinisraelconf.com)
Meditouch  – Rehabilitation like never before

11.35 Q&A with the companies 

11.45 Wrap up 

Moderator: Trine Radmann, Norway Health Tech, Head of International Relations 

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