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Amundsen Exhibtion in Galway

In June, the Embassy lent out our exhibition about the polar explorer Roald Amundsen to SeaFest in Galway. We had visits from ministers, scholars, and engaged schoolchildren, that all got the opportunity to learn an important piece of Norwegian polar history.

| Dublin

Roald Amundsen was the first man to ever reach the South Pole – barely beating his British rival Robert F. Scott. During this year’s SeaFest vistors had the pleasure to learn about this Norwegian hero and polar explorer from the exhibition Cold Recall – on loan from the Norwegian Embassy in Ireland.

The Exhibition is built around Amundsen’s own lantern slides and lectures, that he toured around the world with after his voyages. They give a unique insight to the planning and the execution of the expedition and an overview of the early days of polar exploration.

The exhibition was opened on June 9 by Seán Kyne TD, Minister of State for Gaeltacht Affairs and Natural Resources and Ambassador Eikeland had the pleasure of giving a speech on Norwegian polar history and the aim of strengthening Irish-Norwegian cooperation related to ocean.

Two weeks later, the Director of the Fram Museum, and one of the world’s foremost experts on Amundsen, Geir Kløver, visited Galway. Here he gave a tour of the exhibition to schoolchildren from the Northampton National School, and they displayed their project on polar exploration.