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Civil society cooperation on climate change and forests

Civil society organizations are important agents of change and central actors in furthering and applying REDD+. The Norwegian funding to civil society organisations is an integrated and strategic component of Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (NICFI).

Norway has supported a number of non-governmental organisations working in Indonesia since 2009. For the civil society grant scheme 2016-2020, Norway supports 19 organisations operating in the country, many of them Indonesian organisations, while some are international.

These projects are related to the forest and climate agenda in one way or the other, including work with indigenous peoples and other forest dependent communities, strengthening law enforcement and governance in the forestry sector, collaboration with private sector and forest and peat research including monitoring of forest cover.

This funding is not part of the bilateral USD 1 billion pledge, but are additional grants.

More information on financial support to civil society organisations and how to apply (Norad).

The video above gives more information about how civil society organizations and NICFI work together to protect the rainforest and reduce greenhouse gas emissions.