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Deforested area in South Sumatra

Project support

A number of partners support the Indonesian Government in implementing the REDD+ agenda with financial support from Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative.

World Resources Institute (WRI)

Project: Accelerating low emissions development in Indonesia through sustainable land-use management. Expected outcomes.

Planned outcomes:

  • Improved management of peatland in priority jurisdictions to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from peat degradation and fires while promoting equitable land use practices to enhance local livelihoods.
  • Instilled principles of accountability, inclusivity and sustainability within land use management in priority provinces through the implementation of the One Map policy.
  • Improvd transparency, accuracy and usability of Indonesia's National Forest Monitoring System to better monitor and enforce sustainable land use practices in Indonesia.

Grant: Up to 227 175 000 NOK in the period 2016–2021. The project is co-funded by USAID.

Grant agreement WRI

Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Project: Global Green Growth Institute Indonesia Country Program – phase III

Planned outcomes:

  • Effective policies and plans drive reduced deforestation and peatland degradation and avoided forest loss especially in provinces with large areas of intact forest.
  • Investment mobilized for emission reduction investment frameworks and project pipelines.
  • Key people trained demonstrate improved knowledge and capacity to make and enact low-carbon development policies, plans, investments.

Grant: Up to 95 000 000 NOK in the period 2020-2022.

Grant agreement

World Bank

Fund: Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management Multi-Donor Trust Fund

Objective: The objectives of the trust fund are to improve the integration and coordination of landscape management across multi-sector stakeholders and demonstrate sustainable landscape management approaches in selected areas of Indonesia.

Grant: 241 000 000 NOK* in the period 2016–2018 The fund is co-funded with the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and open for other donors.

Administration agreement Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management Multi Donor Trust Fund – World Bank

*This grant is expected to be reduced to approximately 61 000 000 NOK.

World Bank

Fund: REDD+ Support Facility Multi-Donor Trust Fund

Objective: Support the Government of Indonesia in the implementation of the REDD+ strategy of the Republic of Indonesia by providing technical support and analytical inputs to help make operational the Indonesian agencies and institutions in charge of the implementation of the REDD+ strategy.

Grant: Up to 10 500 000 NOK in the period 2013–2017

Administration agreement REDD+ Support Facility Multi-Donor Trust Fund - World Bank

United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Project: BRG support through UNOPS.

Expected outcomes: Greenhouse gas emissions from the land use sector in Indonesia are reduced and biodiversity conservation from peatlands is promoted in accordance with Government regulations, while the Government of Indonesia’s institutional capacity to restore peatlands is strengthened and sustained. The project will contribute to the establishment of a systemic, efficient, structured and integrated peatland restoration model focusing on effective restoration of 2.49 million ha of peatlands in seven priority provinces.

Through this programme, the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) aims to provide logistical, operational and administrative support for Indonesia’s Peatland Restoration Agency (Badan Restorasi Gambut, BRG) in its work to restore extensive areas of degraded peatlands, and to establish measures to protect intact peatland forests, across seven provinces in Indonesia.

Grant: up to 345 000 000 NOK in the period 2017–2020

Grant agreement BRG – UNOPS

UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Project: Strengthening Criminal Justice Responses to Forest Crime

Expected outcome: In a 3-year program, UNODC is assisting Indonesian authorities to prevent and combat forest crime and to prevent and combat the corruption that contributes to these crimes. The main partner on the Indonesian side is the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, represented by the Directorate General for Law Enforcement.

The program builds on two previous projects, and will assist four targeted provinces (East Kalimantan, Papua, South Sumatra and West Papua) in their efforts to combat forest crimes.

Grant: Up to 37 500 000 NOK in the period 2018 – 2021.

Grant agreement UNODC 2018 – 2021

Indonesian Institute for Independent Judiciary / Lembaga kajian dan advokasi indpendensi peradilan (LEIP)

Project: Enhancement of Human Rights and Environmental Protection in training and policy in the judicial process in Indonesia 

Expected outcomes: In this 2-year project, LEIP is working with the Supreme Court and partners for 

  • enhanced knowledge, comprehension and skills of judges and prosecutors to provide a qualified legal analysis to protect human rights and the environment (Outcome 1).
  • accessible knowledge and references on right-based and environmental protection made available for legal analysis (Outcome 2).
  • enhanced policy on the adoption of human rights principles and environmental protection in judicial process (Outcome 3)

Grant: The project is implemented with a grant from Norway's International Climate and Forest Inititaive (up to 6,3 million NOK) and a Human Rights grant (up to 2,15 million NOK), both grants provided by the Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta. 

Grant agreement NICFI-LEIP 2019 – 2021

Rainforest Foundation Norway

Project: Eastern Indonesia Forest Facility

This project aims to uphold biodiversity, forest ecosystem services and the Human Rights of Indigenous and other forest-dependent peoples and communities in Eastern Indonesia. The main objectives are:

  1. Resilient local communities make informed decisions about their natural resources
  2. Increased support to forest protection and carbon emissions reduction from key stakeholders in government, communities and private sector
  3. Media coverage convey the importance of the rainforest in Eastern Indonesia
  4. Community-managed economic business development contribute to enhanced livelihoods for local communities who are empowered to protect their forests

The project will be implemented through Rainforest Foundation Norway, EcoNusa Foundation and a selection of local NGOs. It runs for the period 2019-2023, with a total budget of NOK 132 910 000.

Grant agreement Rainforest Foundation Norway on Eastern Indonesia Forest Facility

Kemitraan (Partnership for Government Reform Indonesia)

Project: Support to building REDD+ infrastructure (stakeholder engagement and technical assistance to finalize Indonesia's REDD+ architecture and its financing instrument)

Objective: Indonesia being able to report on and to receive payments for verified reduced emissions from deforestation and peat degradation

Grant: Up to 42 000 000 NOK in the period January–December 2018

Grant agreement Kemitraan on REDD+ infrastructure

Addendum to the grant agreement with Kemitraan on REDD+ infrastructure (November 2017)

Kemitraan (Partnership for Government Reform Indonesia)

Project: Desa Peduli Gambut (Caring for Peatland Villages).

Objective: The project will prepare for sustainable peatland management in 189 villages in Indonesia and support the Peat Restoration Agency in these preparations. On the impact level, the project is expected to contribute to the restoration of approximately 110 000 hectares of degraded peatland in seven provinces.

Grant: Up to 18 000 000 NOK in the period October 2017–April 2018.

Grant agreement Kemitraanon Desa Peduli Gambut

Department for International Development (DFID)

Project: South Sumatra Partnership for Landscape Management Support. The project is implemented by a consortium of organizations, with Zoological Society London as the consortium lead.

Objective: Support the Governor of South Sumatra to establish the "South Sumatra Partnership for Ecoregion and Landscape Management", and implement a pilot production-protection partnership in the coastal lowland and peat landscape of Sout Sumatra.

Grant: Up to NOK 102 000 000 in the period 2016–2020. The project is co-financed by Norway and the United Kingdom with DFID as the lead donor.

Memorandum of understanding DFID

Amendment 01/18 to the Memorandum of Understanding (extending the cooperation from 2018 until 2020)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Project: Global Yield Gap Atlas Palm-oil

Planned outcome: The Global Yield Gap Atlas (GYGA) initiative for oil palm production in Indonesia aims to substantially increase the understanding of the benefits of agricultural intensification for relieving the pressure on expanding agricultural to new lands located in the most vulnerable areas of the archipelago and forested areas. GYGA can substantially increase policy makers’ accurate analysis of land use, contribute to the protection of the environment and assure national and nutritional security in food.

Grant: Up to NOK 2 000 000 in the period 2018 – 2019

Grant agreement University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD)

Project: Green Growth Policy Review of Indonesia

In line with the OECD's co-operation with the Indonesian Government, the project will deliver a green growth policy review of Indonesia covering the period from 2010.

The project is expected to contribute to a better integration of green growth considerations into Indonesia’s economic, environmental and social policies, an improvement in inter-agency co-operation and sharing of best practices via an enhanced policy dialogue, an improved understanding of Indonesia’s progress and challenges toward green growth and a better targeting of related international co-operation efforts .

Grant: Norway is one of several donors to the project. Norway's contribution is NOK 1 000 000 for activities in 2017 and 2018. The project will be completed in 2019.

Grant agreement OECD Green Growth Policy Review

Kemitraan (Partnership for Government Reform Indonesia)

Project: Tenure Conference 2017, Forest and Land Tenure and Governance for Equitable Development

The project is expected to deliver a reviewed and up-dated Tenure Roadmap and assessment of the process made under the 2011 Tenure Roadmap when it comes to i) extension of community-managed area, ii) conflict resolution and iii) forest gazettement

The project is also expected to contribute to the pooling of maps, information and case studies on agrarian reform and social forestry in order to achieve Government targets, and a Stakeholders’ Agreement on implementing Social Forestry and Agrarian Reform in Indonesia.

Grant: Norway is one of several donors to the project. Norway's contribution is NOK 1 400 000 in 2017 and 2018.

Grant agreeement Kemitraan Land Tenure Conference 2017


Previous grant agreements:

Overview of previous project and program support