Deforested area in South Sumatra

Project support

The Norwegian Embassy supports a number of projects that aim to support the implementation of Indonesia’s climate and forest agenda. The support is a part of Norway’s International Climate and Forest Initiative.

Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Project: Strengthening Indonesian Forest Monitoring for Climate Action

This project aims to enable Indonesia to improve forest and land management and catalyze climate change mitigation actions, as a significant contribution to global commitments to hold the increase of average global temperature to well below 2oC. This will be achieved by strengthening institutional technical capacity and coordination for a redesigned, sustainable and fit-for-purpose National Forest Inventory (NFI) and National Forest Monitoring System (NFMS) that will better meet Indonesia’s decision-making needs.

Grant: Up to NOK 19 000 000 for the period of 2019-2020.

Specific Agreement - Strengthening Indonesian Forest Monitoring for Climate Action – FAO


Yayasan Auriga Nusantara

Project: Enhancing the capacity of law enforcement agencies and civil servant investigators (Penyidik Pegawai Negeri Sipil/PPNS) in natural resources sector

This project aims to contribute to improved natural resources governance in Indonesia through enhancement of law enforcement in forestry and natural resources sector. The expected outcomes are as follow:

  • Strengthened knowledge, capacity and skills in investigation, prosecution and adjudication of natural resources and related corruption cases;
  • Improved coordination among law enforcement agencies and civil servant investigators (PPNS) in responding to natural resources crimes/cases and corruption;
  • Strengthened response and knowledge management on natural resources crime prevention, investigation and handling; and
  • Improved media and civil society engagement in law enforcement process on deforestation and other natural resources destruction cases.


Grant: Up to NOK 32 000 000 for the period of 2019-2022

Grant Agreement – Enhancing the capacity of law enforcement agencies and civil servant investigators in natural resources sector – Yayasan Auriga Nusantara

Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR)

Project: Improving Indonesia’s Forest Reference Emission Level (FREL) through refined GHG accounting in wetlands and knowledge management

This project aims to support Indonesia and other wetland-rich countries meet their conditional land use emissions reduction targets through improved accuracy in their wetland GHG accounting. This objective will be achieved through the following outcomes:

  • The Government of Indonesia adopts a revised FREL that incorporates missing key wetland emission/sinks using IPCC default values;
  • The Government of Indonesia reduces GHG emission uncertainties by including scientific data and modelling results; and
  • Tropical wetland-rich nations gain capacity on how to improve their FRELs through the International Tropical Peatland Center (ITPC)

Grant: Up to NOK 19 000 000 for the period of 2019-2021

Grant Agreement - Improving Indonesia’s FREL through refined GHG accounting in wetlands and knowledge management – CIFOR


Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI)

Project: Global Green Growth Institute Indonesia Country Program 2020-2022 – phase III

This project supports Indonesia’s NDC implementation to realize, and wherever possible exceed, its Nationally Determined Contributions (NDC) commitments. The expected outcomes are as follow:

  • Effective policies and plans drive reduced deforestation, forest and peatland degradation, and avoided forest loss especially in provinces with large areas of intact forest.
  • Investment mobilized for emission reductions investment frameworks and project pipelines.
  • Key people trained demonstrate improved knowledge and capacity to make and enact GHG Emission reduction policies, plans, and investments.
  • An integrated approach towards a low carbon economy is supported within the framework of national development to reduce GHG emissions, alleviate poverty, and accelerate economic growth

Grant: Up to 95 000 000 NOK in the period 2020-2022.

Grant agreement


World Bank

Fund: Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management Multi-Donor Trust Fund (SLM-MDTF)

The overall objectives of the trust fund are to improve the integration and coordination of landscape management across multi-sector stakeholders and demonstrate sustainable landscape management approaches in selected areas of Indonesia. The trust fund is also expected to enable climate and green finance investments in Indonesia through the operationalization and capacity building of the Indonesia Environment Fund (BPDLH).

Grant:  285 500 000 NOK* in the period 2016–2024. The trust fund is co-funded by the Australian Government Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade and open for other donors.

Administration agreement Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management Multi Donor Trust Fund – World Bank

Amendment No. 1 to the Administration Agreement Indonesia Sustainable Landscape Management Multi Donor Trust Fund – World Bank 


UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC)

Project: Strengthening Criminal Justice Response to Forest Crime in Indonesia

This project aims to strengthen the capacity of national and subnational forestry institutions, personnel and communities to combat forest crime, particularly illegal logging. The key outcomes expected are:

  • Government authorities apply revised legal framework, operational strategies, and support systems to counter forest crime;
  • Law enforcement institutions mandated to combat forest crime engage in inter-agency cooperation;
  • Law enforcement agencies effectively address forest crime; and
  • Community groups and civil society organizations involved in and trained on supplementing responses to forest crime.

The main partner on the Indonesian side is the Ministry of Environment and Forestry, represented by the Directorate General for Law Enforcement.

The program builds on two previous projects, and will assist four targeted provinces (East Kalimantan, Papua, South Sumatra and West Papua) in their efforts to combat forest crimes.

Grant: Up to 17 600 000 NOK in the period 2018 – 2022.

Grant agreement UNODC 2018 – 2021

Addendum I to agreement


Indonesian Institute for Independent Judiciary / Lembaga kajian dan advokasi independensi peradilan (LEIP)

Project: Enhancement of Human Rights and Environmental Protection in training and policy in the judicial process in Indonesia.

This project aims to enhance legal protection of the rights of citizens and environmental resources in Indonesia. In this 2-year project, LEIP is working with the Supreme Court, Attorney General’s Office, Ministry of Environment and Forestry and other partners to achieve the following outcomes:

  • Enhanced knowledge, comprehension and skills of judges and prosecutors to provide a qualified legal analysis to protect human rights and the environment (Outcome 1).
  • Accessible knowledge and references on right-based and environmental protection made available for legal analysis (Outcome 2).
  • Enhanced policy on the adoption of human rights principles and environmental protection in judicial process (Outcome 3)

Grant: The project is implemented with a grant from Norway's International Climate and Forest Initiative (up to 6.3 million NOK) and a Human Rights grant (up to 2.15 million NOK), both grants provided by the Norwegian Embassy in Jakarta.

Grant agreement NICFI-LEIP 2019 – 2021


Rainforest Foundation Norway

Project: RFN Eastern Indonesia Forest Facility

This project aims to uphold biodiversity, forest ecosystem services and the Human Rights of Indigenous and other forest-dependent peoples and communities in Eastern Indonesia. This will be achieved through the following outcomes:

  1. Resilient local communities make informed decisions about their natural resources
  2. Increased support to forest protection and carbon emissions reduction from key stakeholders in government, communities and private sector
  3. Media coverage convey the importance of the rainforest in Eastern Indonesia
  4. Community-managed economic business development contribute to enhanced livelihoods for local communities who are empowered to protect their forests

The project will be implemented by the Rainforest Foundation Norway, EcoNusa Foundation and a selection of local NGOs. It runs for the period 2019-2023, with a total budget of NOK 132 910 000.

Grant agreement Rainforest Foundation Norway on Eastern Indonesia Forest Facility


University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Project: Global Yield Gap Atlas Palm Oil Phase II (Developing solutions for closing the yield gap in smallholder oil palm plantations in Indonesia)

This project’s objective is that oil palm yield increases in smallholder plantations and forests and peatlands are protected from conversion into oil palm plantations. This will be achieved through the following outcomes:

  • Increased global knowledge about causes of yield gaps (and solutions) in smallholder oil palm plantations in Indonesia
  • Increased knowledge about the potential for extra palm oil production on existing cropland area and its potential land savings for major stakeholders.

Grant: Up to NOK 35 000 000 in the period of 2019-2023

Grant agreement University of Nebraska-Lincoln GYGA Phase II 

Addendum No. 1 to the Agreement University of Nebraska-Lincoln GYGA Phase II 


Previous grant agreements:

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