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Indonesia’s REDD+ Agency Inaugurated Four Deputies

Following the establishment of the REDD+ Agency and appointment of Minister Heru Prasetyo as the Agency’s Chairman in December 2013, President Yudhoyono issued a Presidential Decree (No. 71/M 2014) to appoint four Deputies who will assist Minister Prasetyo in running the Agency’s operation.

On Friday, 4 July 2014, The Agency inaugurated Dr. Ir. William Palitondok Sabandar as the Deputy for Operation; Dr. Ir. Agus Pratama Sari as the Deputy for Planning and Funding; Nurdiana Bariyah Darus as the Deputy for Technology, System and Monitoring, and Dr. Ir. Nur Masripatin as the Deputy for Governance and Inter-institutional relations.

Deputy for operation will be responsible for the Agency’s day-to-day operation, inter-program synergy and good coordination among stakeholders and partners to implement REDD+ at the national and sub-national levels.

Deputy for Planning and Funding will ensure good planning for all REDD+ programs and lead the operation of REDD+ funding mechanism (FREDDI), which aims to raise REDD+ support from various sectors, such as government, private sector and public.

Deputy for Technology, System and Monitoring will be responsible for providing technological support for REDD+. The Agency has established a ‘Situational Room’ that processes REDD+ related data and info, to ensure their accuracy and measurability to inform on the ground implementation, i.a. to address forest fire and haze occurrences.

Governance and multistakeholder collaboration are key to the success of REDD+, and the Deputy for Governance and inter-institutional relations will therefore have an important task to strengthen good governance in forestry and peatland sector through improving law enforcement, sustainable forest management, and creating synergy among policy, programs and inter-sectoral engagement in REDD+.