Indonesia’s Moratorium on Primary Forests and Peatlands Extended for Two More Years

President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono has extended the forest moratorium for another two years through Presidential Instruction no. 6/2013. The moratorium, which aims to prevent new clearing of primary forests and peat lands, can contribute to protect valuable forests and drive sustainable development.

Prior to the signing on 13th May 2013, there have been a broad public debate and  several forums have been organized by different organizations, such as UNORCID and WRI, to revisit the achievements of  the moratorium and to discuss  what should be the next steps, including at that time, the moratorium extension.

Although the moratorium has been criticized for its weaknesses, it has been perceived by various stakeholders as an important initiative for improving management of forest resources – it has helped to “pause” “business-as-usual” patterns, and to give the government and other stakeholders more time to take actions needed for low-emission development. It was the first time that Indonesia committed to halt deforestation at a large scale, and in this way committed to improve forest governance.

Link to Presidential Instruction no. 6/2013 (English)

Link to Presidential Instruction no 6/2013 (Indonesian)

Link to the Embassy’s opening remarks during the UNORCID’s Workshop on Indonesia’s Moratorium on Primary Forests and Peatland on 1st May 2013